Saturday, February 7, 2015

Honolulu..surrounded by mountains

Yesterday we had a much more leisurely start, and decided to take the free shuttle bus which takes you to Hilo Hattie's, one of the Islands first department stores. After purchasing a few bits and pieces, Judy and I had a free lesson in making flowers for our hair. Oh so easy, and we were happy with the result, and kept our flowers in our hair for the day. Worn on the left side, the flower indicates you are available, and on the right, taken. Naturally, we wore ours on the left.

On returning to Waikiki, TRO and myself left our friends shopping, and headed on down to the beach. It was extremely busy, lots of swimmers, surfers and people just wandering around. I couldn't resist trying the ocean!

Almost everywhere you look in Honalulu, you can see the mountains that surround the city.


A quiet and restful afternoon saw us ready for a seafood buffet at one of the local hotels this evening.

Today we took the shuttle bus to the Aloha Stadium Flea Market , one of the largest in the world I am sure. There are 400 traders spread over a huge area, so large we didn't even walk it all. Lots and lots of bargains to be had...T- shirts @ four for $20.00 for example. Judy and Russ had to buy a new carry on suitcase to accommodate all their acquisitions!

There seem to be a number of homeless people living in the parks here, and their dwellings look fairly permanent. Awfully sad :(

Now we are waiting for our transport to take us to the docks to board the Pride of America for our cruise. How exciting :)

Posted from another day in Paradise

Location:Royal Hawaiian Ave,Honolulu,United States


  1. Anonymous7/2/15

    Love the flowers you made ( and your choice of side to wear hahaha). I was last in Hawaii 26 years ago. Your photos and stories tell me I need to visit again... And soon :)

  2. What an enjoyable day you all had. Now for the cruise, have a great time.