Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ms Evie's Tap Extravaganza

When I began Tap dancing lessons way back in 2003, none of the girls in the class were interested in taking part in the end of year concert that the dancing school presented, so my class was not included in it. Part of me was pleased about this, but a tiny part was a little disappointed.

Not so with Ms. Evie's Tappers! Everyone was enthusiastic about performing in public, so I put on my big girl panties, so to speak, bit the bullet, and got on with learning and practicing the dances Ms Evie had choreographed for her intermediate class.

The appointed day rolled around with amazing speed, my class held a couple of meetings to discuss and finalize our costumes and head pieces some weeks before.

Ms Evie had the flyers made, and they were strategically placed around the town. She was the booking agent as well, and the matinee was booked out very quickly. The evening performance was also booked out, and
the Guildford Music Hall which is one of the first music halls to be built in Victoria, was simply hopping on the day and evening of the extravaganza. There was not enough room for another person to fit in.

The tappers were to be at the hall by 1 pm. TRO and myself had been to Bendigo in the morning, not arriving home until after 12, so it was a little rushed for me to apply very heavy makeup, very red lipstick, don my first costume and be taken to Guildford.

There was much excitement, and not a few nerves. The performers had a marquee at the back of the hall to use a dressing room.  As we did not have a "call boy" we had to take responsibility for getting ourselves in the wings prior to our call.   We had a running sheet to ensure all went well.

Kirsten and Lisa looking very happy and ready to tap in the Rum and Coca-cola number.

And the full complement!

..... ready for the "cocktail hour" number.

The last few moments of "Rum and coca-cola"

I started in the back row, and finished in the front in the second dance.
We all made mistakes, but it did not matter, we all had a great time, and enjoyed our dancing. It was very surprising to us all at just how quickly the dances were over. It felt as if we had just got on the stage, and it was time to come off again!

The audiences were enthusiastic in their appreciation of our performances, clapping, whistling and cheering us on.

I am very glad I joined Ms Evie's tap class, and had the opportunity to take to the stage. It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to take part in next years concert as well.

And here is Ms Evie herself tapping away in one of her numbers.....

We are all still waiting to see the DVD of the concert in its entirety, and when I get my copy,I'll be happy to share it around if you would like to watch it.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aging...or the alternative?

Aging, or the alternative of not?   Pushing up daisies, kicking the bucket, passing on, leaving this mortal coil, croaked, gave up the ghost, gone to eternal rest, or simply dying ....there are a number of terms we use for the opposite of growing old.

www.lvc.edu/rel314/euph.aspx  there are more here:)  

A Facebook post has got me thinking about the aging process, and how very difficult it can be for most of us.
My mother has recently turned 100, and as I write, is still  living  in  her own home,  albeit with a good deal of help.

Here she is, enjoying a foot spa.

My mother-in-law, at the spring chicken age of only 90, similarly, in her own home with help.

I have been thinking about some of the issues that we (as rapidly aging people) could help ourselves with as we continue to grow older. I think top of my list is the issue of safety. No one wants to have a fall in old age and finish up with a broken hip or worse!

Check our homes for safety...just as we needed to do this when we had small children toddling around, so we also need to do it for older personages. Check loose rugs, look closely all around your home, and imagine yourself very tottery, and perhaps using a walking stick or wheelie frame.

Is your bathroom safe? Can you step into the shower, and use the
taps, without actually having to stand in the water flow to do so? Is there a space for a grab rail when you might need it? If not, then it might be time to make the adjustment now.

And the kitchen...my tea, coffee and cups are in a high cupboard. My shorter friends can't access that cupboard, so I am forced to make their tea and coffee for them. :) When the stretch is too much for me, I will need to bring them to a lower level.  The heavy kitchen gadgets will just need to go I think!

What about outside your home? Can you safely access the front and back doors? Is there room for a ramp if necessary?

Garden beds can be raised now to make gardening easier in old age. Garden hoses lying around are a hazard, are you able to make the hose safe?

When your family suggests that you might need a little help in the home, accept it gracefully, it will give you more time to create patchwork quilts, read, knit, watch TV, go out partying, or simply sleep!  There are many helps available now, to enable the elderly to stay in their own homes.

Continue to make friends all your life. When you grow old, you might outlive most of yours, and life can become very lonely. Keep up with your hobbies, they keep your mind and fingers nimble. Keep up with your social contacts, both in real life, letters, and cyber. Keep up with technology , because this is the way you will communicate with your family.

At the very first sign of hearing loss, take advantage of the wonderful range of aids we have available to us. If you are on a pension, try and pay a little more to get a better one than the government provides. Try to wear the aforementioned hearing aid as much as possible.  By doing this, you wont become  accustomed to a silent world, and be frightened almost into a heart attack when you hear a toilet flushing whilst out visiting.

Watching my Mum age, means I will be implementing all of these tips myself.

If you Google aging on the net, you will find loads more tips.  Particularly helpful are the health ones I think.

As a Christian, I am interested in this scriptural view of aging

What do you think?   please feel free to comment.

Posted from another day in Paradise.