Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday celebrations, and a cold start

It was a freezing morning, minus 1, but even at 8 am the sun was shining, melting the frost on the grass where the rays touched. The bird baths were completely frozen over, the poor birds would have needed skates. With not a cloud to be seen, the morning held promise that the day would be fine, as indeed it was.

At McCoy manor, we were hosting a party!
Zoe and Charlotte were celebrating their third birthday, and their big sister Kali, her 22nd.
Troy got in the act as well, he was ...shhhh....42!

We called in a most competent second BBQ chef along with his BBQ, and his grandson watches on carefully to learn the skills needed to cook the meat to perfection.

Aysha decorated both the 3 cake, and the mini T one; Katie made the cupcakes, and her specialty of honey joys. As a very special treat, and a first for the chef, Liz made the pavlova , which served as Kali's cake.

Oh, they were all so very delicious! We all enjoyed eating them, after singing Happy Birthday to the birthday folk.

Some of us enjoyed bashing the piƱata to release the sweets inside. It was a lot of fun.

It was wonderful to have all our grandchildren together for the first time in many years, they all get on so well together, and we more than happy to line up for the obligatory photo.

There was lots of fun on the swings, one of which broke shortly after this pic was taken.

A wonderful day enjoyed by everyone.

Location:McCoy Manor