Friday, September 28, 2012

A visit from an old friend

Last week my friend Maree called to visit us, as she is travelling around the countryside in her mobile home. She is recently retired after a full and varied working life, and is loving the freedom of the open road, and the ability to go where the whim takes her.

It is a very long time since we have seen each other, perhaps 15 years or so, we had a lot of catching up to do. We know each others families, as we have been friends for about .....mmmm....more years than I care to admit to, suffice to say, nearly all of our lives.

She spent a few days with us, enjoying the country air after a couple of weeks in the inner city. The grandies got the odd chess lesson, and a thorough beating on one occasion.

As a sock knitter extraordinaire, Maree very generously finished off the socks I had begun knitting about five years ago, getting stuck when I lost the pattern. I have promised myself, and assured her, that I will never attempt to knot socks again!

We farewelled her off on her way to Alice Springs, via Maryborough, wishing her safe travel.

Call in again Maree, there is always a bed for you!